Anime Roundtable Digest #7

The roundtable finally returns after yet another hiatus…albeit in digest form. Mike tries to get people together for a show, and only Austin shows up so he decides just make the first digest in more than a year. In it they give an excuse for the month away, then they give a quick review (or beat down) of Dot Con, the latest attempt at another anime con in Toronto. And to top it off, they preview the coming episodes by briefly talking about some of the items that caught their attention over the month long hiatus.

Mike is thinking he should have put up the “less edited” version of episode 50 in the meantime…

Mike Nicolas, James Austin (44:32)



  1. Buster Blader 126 says:

    It’s nice to listen to a new episode after a while.

    It’s also sort of sad to hear that Dot-Con didn’t seem to do very well. I actually didn’t hear about the location change, and the reasoning behind Million Comix pulling out was interesting to hear, too.

  2. Skwerly says:

    I heard there were quite a few people who were still thinking that Dot Con was still at its downtown location. (Hey, I tried to warn people of the venue change on a few boards/forums!). Some of the anime stores downtown did profit from this.

    (It’s also unfortunately the J-Rock concert had changed its venue as well.)

    On the plus side, one of my friends was in the artist alley at the Dot Con and she did rather well!

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