Anime Roundtable #68: Back to York U

The return to York University, and the likely retirement episode for the iBook that had recorded the show over the past three years. After talk about the York strike aftermath, James’ latest adventures with the exchange student from Osaka, and a tangent about anime DVD re-releases, we’ll take on the second part of the Ryerson lectures and Jaqueline Berndt’s talk about Japanese aesthetics and identity in anime. Bullets wise, we’ll chime in on the latest on a teen who went off with a “family friend” convention hopping, and the Curse of the Colonel Sanders statue. Then we end off on suggestions on where and when to listen to this show, and some recommendations for stuff going on in Toronto.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant, Geoff Greig (1:54)

Links of Interest

Jaqueline Berndt’s Website (Mainly German)
Missing Oklahoma teen found in Washington State
Women’s soccer friendly at BMO Field, Canada vs. Japan
Dog Sees God Toronto Production

Ninja Consultant


  1. phinux says:

    I agree about the Sailor Stars thing. Although, there’s a group of people on the net that are ripping the Japanese DVDs (which of course don’t come with subs) and re-fansubbing the fifth season. I saw the first few, and they were done really well, actually. Let’s hope they stick with it long enough to finish the job.


  2. ACFTM says:

    I’m up for seeing what bukkake is.

    No… I’m just kidding… only because I know what it is. If I didn’t, then that would have really been my response. That was an interesting podcast. I don’t remember if anybody’s commented about what you guys should wear for Anime North, so I’ll just say that you guys should totally dress up for it. Suits are cool, since suits on guys are hot. If not that, then cosplay, lol 😉

  3. Buster Blader 126 says:

    I’ve heard of the play months ago, though I never remembered the name of it.

    Thanks for bringing it up. Hopefully I’ll go see this within the week.

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