Anime Roundtable #71

This week, after complaining about the Toronto transit system and a brief history about SNK (while playing various Samurai Shodown games), we start with two items, one about Amazon and its treatment of mature material, the other about the Philippines and its version of a loli porn ban. In the bullets, James singles out a few shows in the new anime season, comment on Viz finally acting on long awaited anime properties, and Viz acting on a new manga property from an old favourite.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant (1:53:36)

Links of Interest

Retroware TV episode 11: SNK Retrospective
Sankaku Complex on proposed Philippine ban on loli porn (NSFW)
Official release from Philippine Congress on the ban

Anime Genesis


  1. Dj City says:

    great show guys just something made me have to type this message. the fact that apple is not in square one, if kinda false. the truth is apple is coming to square one in the summer.

  2. vicecountofpizzapockets says:

    hi adam i’m just a wheel of time fan i think that if jordan had ended the final book that way i would have went out and done him in myself i’m glad your a lawyer not a author lol

  3. Adam says:

    RE: vicecountofpizzapockets

    I really hate to be that guy, but I’m glad you’re not an author, either. Your comment just exudes poor grammar from every consonant. Would it kill you to use some punctuation? You clearly know where the apostrophe is on your keyboard (despite its omission later in the comment).

    Your comment should ideally read:

    Hi Adam: I’m just a Wheel of Time fan, but I think that if Jordan had ended the final book in the way you had suggested, I would have gone out and done him in myself. I’m glad that you’re a lawyer, and not an author.

    Furthermore, I didn’t really suggest that he should have ended the final book with a cop-out, but rather that he should have just ended the series that way, with a memo on his deathbed. As it stands, a stand-in is forced to try to sort out Jordan’s master plan, and write an end to the series. Never has this been done well. For examples, see Dune (though this wasn’t really completing the series so much as just adding to it), and A Canticle for Leibowitz (a spectacular book with a really garbage sequel).

    In short, the Wheel of Time series should have ended ages ago anyway, and is now doomed to an even worse ending due to Robert Jordan’s death.

  4. ACFTM says:

    You know, I’ve always been curious about what dating sims to get. There are so many out there, I wouldn’t know where to start. If Adam could recommend some, that’d be great. There you go, something for Adam to talk about for the Space to Rant. It’s a little obvious, but hey, it’s something. If you need to know, I prefer good story and character development over exaggeratedly explicit scenes.

    Adam could also always talk about how great the Mother series is. I’d like to know why he thinks it’s so great. I think it’s great, too, but I’m curious why he thinks it.

    Hehe, to comment on the podcast, I had forgotten that the mangaka for Berserk had taken a sabbatical to play Idolm@ster. I think that’s so cute.

  5. Geoff says:

    I’d actually like to second ACFTM’s ideas on both the Dating Sim suggestion and the Mother series one.

    Although I guess considering I go to the tapings live when I don’t have school/club activities I could ask him myself.. oh well.

  6. Skwerly says:

    I really enjoyed the SNK retrospective, being a KoF fan myself. Thanks for the link!

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