Anime Roundtable v2.0 #24 – September 18 2020

First, a quick Raptors thought (and a little schattenfreude towards the Clippers and Bucks). Then we continue our Zoom-tastic journey with thoughts of Crunchyroll Expo (7:09) and Discotek (30:19) with thoughts on the following:

8:52 – Crunchyroll’s various partnerships

13:05 – Media Blasters showing some life

15:13 – What about Critical Mass?

20:58 – Titles that defined the North American companies that licensed them

26:15 – Follow up on Bartender, Planetes, and Violette Evergarden

32:15 – Discotek’s acquisitions in light of the digest

35:45 – Memories of seeing many of the titles mentioned the first time

In the second segment, Moh talks a little bit TIFF@Home and seeing “Under the Open Sky” (54:54), and more specifically the odd experience of watching it at home and how it was handled as opposed to the in person experience both emotionally and logistically (58:42), and the movie world going forward (1:07:20). Then we talk some video games (1:12:09)

1:12:23 – End of the Nintendo 3DS

1:26:24 – PS5 Showcase

1:42:05 – Yakuza Isshin in English?

At the end, we give a recommendation to watch the Anime Sway panel put on by the Japan-America Society of Dallas and Fort Worth (1:43:56)

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke

Links of Interest

My Heart Sutra: A World in 260 Characters (Fred Schodt’s New Book)

Robyn Doolittle is a Sailor Moon Fan

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  1. Geoffrey Greig says:

    I absolutely agree with Mike on the Pioneer/Geneon Tenchi link. I’ve never seen any Tenchi series but every obscure Geneon DVD I bought or watched in the mid-2000s aggressively advertised Tenchi whenever it could.

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