Anime Roundtable v2.0 #26 – October 16 2020

We begin this episode of the Pandemic Series by talking about COVID related closures in Toronto with the first Playdium in Mississauga (6:10) and a legendary Chinatown Bakery (17:02) both closing shop. Then we give our tribute to Kimagure Orange Road creator Izumi Matsumoto who passed away back on October 6th, but was only made known to the public this week (20:00). In the process we take note of a personal story by journalist Kat Callahan of her experience being Matsumoto’s guest liaison at Katsucon in 2012

In the second segment we lighten it up a little bit talking about Kevin’s awesome gelato adventure before some places are forced into another pandemic closure (36:35). And Mike’s bogus morning chase to order an iPhone 12 (42:47). Then we do a round of Bullets (50:53)

51:29 – Sentai gets more Cool Japan funding

57:35 – Evangelion news two ways. The movie and the pros and cons of showing it in theatres, and the TV series licensing by GKids and what we hope will be in the new release

1:11:16 – The return of the Haruhi light novels and what’s changed since the last one…nine years ago

1:18:35 – Some manga news with Viz on an old school manga spree with Fist of the North Star. With memories of Gutsoon and Raijin

We slowly wind down the episode with James, Kevin, and Moh contimplating risking their collective well being to go watch the Lupin III movie in theatres, in what could be their final appearances (1:29:45). A Humble Bundle horror eManga bundle that caught our attention, and what’s on our to do lists for the next little bit (1:31:25)

This weeks drinking game: Take a shot everytime Mike says “hot mess”…kinda like Mike when he tried to edit this podcast after drinking a dalgona coffee. Or “your jam”, which sounds like he’s behind the times

Links of Interest

Disney’s Further pivot towards streaming

The Bob McCown Podcast (There’s a reason we made a reference to it at the start this time)

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