Anime Roundtable v2.0 #28 – November 14 2020

We start the episode with the obligatory COVID update, which probably isn’t that much better than wherever you are listening to this. In the idle talk, Kevin gives his thoughts on the Kimagure Orange Road special with Kat Callahan before we get down to business

14:25 – Wired talks to Taiki Sakurai, Netflix Japan’s chief anime producer. And how Sakurai has been surprised by how Netflix has handled anime and how their involvement may change some of the way the business is run

16:55 – Netflix Anime not being as “Japanese” and going a little more “macho”

19:40 – Not as much tied down by the merchandise and broadcasting ecosystems of the traditional industry. The nature of exclusive streaming on demand

23:30 – The merit of the opening theme song. And yes you can have it both ways

32:38 – Sakurai trying to explain some of the Netflix methodology in producing anime

35:10 – The company’s own motivations. And how some mentalities, habits, culture, and customs are simply hard to change

41:59 – Kevin makes a case for Netflix’s anime direction

50:02 – Promo: Anime World Order – Look, it’s not as if perhaps the longest running and most decorated Anime Podcast needs any further promotion. But we had space to spare here for Daryl, Clarissa, and Gerald. And we did want to get back into the old school routine of promoting other podcasts. So if you have one to promote, let us know

51:20 – We start the second segment talking about Seven Seas starting Air Ship, an imprint for their visual novels and a thought on this growing segment of fandom. And further thoughts on the shifts of western consumption of content

1:01:36 – Media Blasters winding down their DVD on demand service. And more thoughts on the once mighty distributor (and you thought Sentai was on fumes)

1:07:12 – James pat’s himself on the back for getting a highly anticipated video game device not called the Xbox or PS5. So let’s talk a little retro portable video games

1:12:30 – The release of the actual next generation consoles. And something about vaping. With a thought on past console launches. And how this launch is different with digital vs optical drive

1:21:30 – Sega has had a rough couple weeks. So what’s on the horizon for them? James and Kevin don’t think it’s Microsoft. And we give a thought to the actual strengths of the current console makers and how they are as first party publishers

1:35:31 – What the hell with the swatting incident at the Ubisoft Montreal offices? James quickly gives a rundown on their tough recent history

1:37:54 – We look ahead to the coming week. Kevin mentions AnimeNYC and the Aimer Concert live stream. James is looking forward to Anime Limited doing another Cloud Matsuri. Mike hypes up the Japan Foundation New York presentation on Anime Music

This weeks drinking game – Take a shot everytime Mike expects to be corrected

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng

Links of Interest

Since we brought this up…

Songs of Tokyo Festival on NHK World

Entry on the Boys Run the Riot manga (since this is Kevin’s current read)

What Happened to Attack of the Show?

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