Anime Roundtable v2.0 #48 – July 31 2021: Let the Games Continue

We start this week by going back to last week’s Space Heater Chat and get the thoughts of the others on pop culture usage in the Olympics. A little political talk on how Japan has handled COVID in the lead up to the Olympics. James pushes the Tomorrow’s Leaves animated short done for the Olympics. And then a word on the political issues surrounding the Olympics and the value of a medal in countries that usually don’t see them. How bad will the financial fallout be for Tokyo after all of this is over and such legacies. And some of the more quirky stories like the cardboard beds, and a CBC reporter’s posts on his regular visits to a Japanese 7-Eleven. And a final thought on the Imagine One World Kimono Project

Then we talk about the French

42:34 – President Emmanuel Macron came to Tokyo for the opening ceremonies and in the process met with a number of manga creators. So we talked a little bit about France as one of the more bigger and more mature overseas manga markets, with a thought on world leaders and sports personalities and their relationship with anime and manga

52:26 – French teens using government cultural pass, on manga. Which leads to a talk about the merits of graphic novels as viable culture and literature

Then we begin the bullets (1:00:30)

1:00:54 – Takeshi Natsuno, the President of Kadokawa made a few comments on content in manga and distribution opportunities that sent a few ripples in the manga industry on the censoring side. We’ll talk about how managing comments, and actual censorship rules and what we think will happen as things go more overseas

1:20:20 – On the topic of Canadian Content, we’ll talk the end of an era as GameStop finally decides to discontinue the EBGames name. We’ll look back on the history of the name in Canada, and GameStop’s push to use its name in Canada in the past

Then we end off with the Community Calendar

1:32:22 – Japan Foundation New York Panel on Video Games. How the Japanese Video Game Industry Found, Lost, and Rediscovered it’s way

1:34:48 – Otakon and Crunchyroll Expo is happening this weekend

1:36:19 – Humble Bundle’s Stonebridge Press eBook Bundle of Japanese Language and Culture

After that, Kevin finally wakes up…

This weeks drinking game: Take a shot when you realize Kevin dosed off. Then save another to help wake him up

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Geoff Greig

Opening Theme provided by Scott Holmes Music

Links of Interest to Come

Yup, every video game theme used in the Tokyo Olympic Parade of Nations during the Opening Ceremony
Tomorrows Leaves

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